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We don't sell nuts, bolts, fasteners, fixings or any hardware.

What we do

We help classic car enthusiasts, builders and restorers share technical details on nuts, bolts, fasteners and fixings for their projects. Alongside that, we introduce them, via our website directories, to clubs, forums, retailers and specialists that may help throughout their journey of classic car ownership.

Why we do it

Having built and restored a number of classics, you soon get to realise that nuts and bolts are varied and using the correct ones are important, in size, material and grade. These specific details are usually quite hard to find quickly.

Most fastener information is found in workshop manuals which themselves can be costly, especially if you are working on different vehicles. Online forums are extremely helpful but the the information can be lost pages deep. We hope to gather the information from all free resources and also from people's heads and their experience working with them first hand, to share these details through this site, not just the specifics but what problems or solutions they found while fitting them.

Another reason: With specialist retailers often only supplying 'packaged' hardware (nut, bolt, washer or screw), they are unable share the dimensions of any given fixing to purchase at a more general supplier. Hopefully the details shared on our site can help remove that frustration and give you the confidence of buying right first time, while keeping the budget in line and saving hours by not having to scour for details online, as well as supporting local business.

To see an example of the details we offer, please click here

The site is currently in 'beta' stage whilst we determine exactly how best to serve our users. We have lots of plans to expand and be assured we're monitoring traffic to prioritise development.

We rely very much on the car community to help us grow the site and welcome any information on fixings you may share with us.

All the best for your project
Andy Steeple
Site owner

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