Classic Car Fastener & Fixing Specialist Suppliers
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Connecting you with specialist local and national companies that supply nuts, bolts, fasteners and fixings for your classic car build or restoration.

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Rolls-Royce Specialist
  • Munich Legends

    The Ashdown Garage, Chelwood Gate, East Sussex, RH17 7DE
Rolls-Royce Specialist

1960s Buick

About our directory
As well as helping classic car builders and restorers find information on nuts, bolts, fasteners and fixings for their project, we hope to support them throughout the life of their build and beyond, through these directories and our list of owners clubs and forums. Bringing them together with recommended suppliers that specialise in hardware specific to their needs, whether through quality retailers or industry specialists that deal with the preservation and enjoyment of historic vehicles, our directory grows through suggestions and recommendations by our community members which we are very grateful for.

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